Summertime, and we are still taking care of the Pass for future generations. Come join us for a couple hours and get involved!

Come join us on September 7th for FOBP’s annual Highway 40 clean up. We’ll meet at the top of the pass at 9am, where we’ll hand out trash bags, safety vests, and split into 2 groups. We are responsible for cleaning 1 mile on either side of the pass and in previous years it’s only taken about 2 hours to complete. Remember to bring a pair of gloves, hiking shoes, and sun screen! After we’re finished with trash detail, we’ll be grilling lunch at the top of the pass – Burgers and snacks will be provided for those who help with the clean-up.

This would be a great way to get involved, provide some community service and have fun as well. Contact for more details.

Berthoud Pass Highway 40 Cleanup – September 7, 2013