We just returned from a weekend in Salt Lake City at the Winter Wildlands Alliance grassroots advocacy conference.


This semi-annual event brings together policymakers, land managers, lobbyists, grassroots groups, educators and a range of others concerned with issues related to human-powered, wintertime recreation. Over the course of the two-day meeting, participants shared their experiences and stories, and presented topics ranging from legal, ethical, economic and policy issues to grassroots organizing and fundraising.

Interest in backcountry skiing continues to grow exponentially and gatherings like these are only going to become more vital over time. This is the fourth fifth grassroots advocacy conference organized by Winter Wildlands Alliance and we’re proud to say, the fourth one that FOBP has attended.

FOBP Executive Director, Shan Sethna


Salt Lake City downtown library.


The diverse backgrounds, extensive experience and body of knowledge that comes together at these meetings is impressive and, from our perspective as a small non-profit, enormously informative and useful. 

Groups represented at the conference included: the US Forest Service, the University of Utah, Save Our Canyons, Friends of Pathways – Teton Pass Ambassador Program, Outdoor Alliance, Outdoor Industry Association, Powderwhore Productions, grassroots groups, ski resorts and backcountry gear manufacturers.

It is inspiring and very validating to us when professionals of such high calibre tell us that the work we’re doing is important and that we’re doing it right.

Winter Wildlands Alliance 2013 Grassroots Advocacy Conference

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