In the latest issue of The Ski Journal, our Friend Michael Israelson offers a tongue-in-cheek missive on ski culture stickers. Not surprisingly, our totally awesome stickers are mentioned.

We think our subscription to The Ski Journal is worth every penny. The 9×11 format, heavy stock paper, crisp and elegant layout, gallery-quality photography, and thoughtful, well-crafted articles are nice, but the best part is the lack of advertisements.

Born of the passion and hard work of a handful of self-proclaimed skids and bums, The Ski Journal has, in just a few years, become one of the best ski magazines in the world.

Funny, how in those same few years several consumer ski magazines have folded or gone online-only.

The Ski Journal describes itself as, “a coffee-table quality and collectable journal of skiing’s greatest imagery, inspiring powder landscapes, and compelling personalities.”

In a world where publishing increasingly is going mobile, The Ski Journal asks us to slow down, kick back and flip through its pages and consider for a moment the underlying personalities, talent, locations and issues of our ski culture. They are, after all, us.

Oh and Michael, in case you’re reading this, we just slapped an Alta sticker on our latest issue.

The Ski Journal
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