A special Friday update from our Friends at the CAIC:

The CAIC knows of 14 people (and 1 dog) caught in human-triggered avalanches between February 11 and 18. One person was killed, three others injured. The avalanches were in the Front Range, Vail and Summit County, Aspen, and North San Juan zones. They occurred mostly on northeast and east aspects near and below treeline, and most ran to or near the ground. We know slope angles in the starting zones for 5 of the avalanches, which were all around 40 degrees.

[This is] worth sharing as we head into the weekend with avalanche danger on the rise. Enjoy the new snow, but play safe.

Recent Colorado Avalanche Accidents

One thought on “Recent Colorado Avalanche Accidents

  • February 23, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    This monster was reported by our Friend Ethan Greene in today’s CAIC report for the Sawatch zone. Uphill propagation that big is scary.

    “East facing in the Rainbow Lake area, 5-10′ deep, over 500′ and running 1000′. A group of skiers triggered an avalanche in the Independence Pass area while investigating the snow structure. The fracture propagated uphill 700′ above the trigger point and released an avalanche into a deep wind pillow leaving a crown face 2-20′ deep and 400′ wide. This occurred on a north facing slope that was just above treeline.” Issued 02/23/2010 8:19 AM by Ethan Greene


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