Nick Korda of Mad River Rocket writes to say,

-I am with MAD RIVER ROCKET and we saw the signs up on the pass for no sledders and wanted to let you know our product is not just a cheap sled, but a professional sled (it’s like knee boarding or kayaking on snow) if you want to call it anything and it CAN hold its own with the skiers and boarders on the hill. As it carves great in powder and edges well. Please consider not kicking our teams and individuals off the pass if they are using them. We too don’t want any deaths or injuries and want people to take practice runs or get trained using them.

Don’t worry about us, Nick. As long as you practice smart avy protocol, we’ll be stoked to see you at the Pass. I’m not sure I’m ready to try it though. Right on the Mad River home page is this note:

Message out to Sled User—Tom Mull:
Hi Tom.
All of us at Mad River Rocket just wanted to send out some good get well wishes. Hope the surgery was painless, and your recovery fast. Hope to see you back on the mountain in no time.
— Your Friends at Mad River Rocket
Big mountain sledding. Yeah, sledding.

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