When the SkiChannel.com listed the Top Ten Most Avalanche Prone US Areas, not surprisingly Berthoud Pass made the list.

Berthoud is unique in a lot of ways. None of the other places on the list are as close to a major metropolitan area, nor see as much skier traffic as Berthoud Pass. I suppose one could argue that Little Cottonwood Canyon gets as much skier traffic and is also near a major city, but Salt Lake City is a smaller city than Denver and LCC sees a lot more control work than Berthoud Pass.

courtesy Doug Scott, avalanchemapping.org

Want to take a guess at their pick for the most avalanche prone place in the US?  If you said Red Mountain Pass’s Riverside Slide, you were right.

If you’re still wondering why we are so dedicated to avalanche awareness and safety for our Colorado backcountry brothers and sisters, this is why.

Other places that made the list include Glory Bowl on Teton Pass, Beartooth Peak, Mont., Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT., Donner Peak, Calif., Sylvan Pass, Wyo., Juneau, AK., Mount Rainier, Wash. and oddly enough, Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Top Ten Most Avalanche Prone US Areas: Berthoud Pass makes the list.

One thought on “Top Ten Most Avalanche Prone US Areas: Berthoud Pass makes the list.

  • November 19, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Thinking about Red Mountain Pass reminded us of this amazing video shot in nearby Ophir several years back.


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