Friends of Berthoud Pass and the Winter Wildlands Alliance present the best new work from a variety of grassroots film makers. Come enjoy a selection of short and longer award-winning films. Proceeds to promote and preserve winter wildlands and a quality human-powered snowsports experience on public lands, and to preserve the legacy of human-powered winter recreation at Berthoud Pass. For more information, visit Friends of Berthoud Pass at ; WWA at
Wednesday, 12.10.08, 7:00pm, The Oriental Theater, $5.00 at the door


Nick Waggoner, Sweetgrass productions
http://www.sweetgrass-productions.comSki towns – mining roots and the search for great powder. A ski movie with soul.

From the hand-fired railroad days in Revelstoke to the miners of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, Hand Cut blends old-timer wisdom with self-propelled, big mountain, lines from Alaska, British Columbia, and Colorado.

Hand Cut captures subtleties of light, mood and sound – the prose of wilderness, along with the authentic voices of people who’ve become the region’s characters. Len Dawson wrote: “Think about it. In the physical sense, mountain towns such as Telluride or Truckee birthed from mining. Such town’s parentage informs their spirit, if not makes it. Self sufficiency, hard work and hard play. All leading to our North American style of backcountry skiing, which differs from that of Europe in its emphasis on self sufficiency and the elevation of human muscle power to an almost religious virtue”

Leeward Cinema, Chris Edmands Director USA 2008
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Snowboarders on foot, cutting new lines in California’s inaccessible wilds. Professional snowboarding’s only human-powered snowboarding film.

Tom Burt, big mountain pioneer and Sierra explorer said, ”Showcasing the Sierra Nevada Mountains is showcasing my back yard. At least that is what it feels like to me being a forth generation Sierra Nevadan. Leeward Cinema’s idea – using one of the most undeveloped mountain ranges with most terrain only available by foot to host backcountry snowboarding – is a project that will have lots of sweat equity, but will be worth every step taken. I am excited to be a part of it.”

“We are stewards of winter; by human powered means we chronicle snowboarding and the adventurous life it affords us while significantly reducing our carbon footprint, says Leeward Cinema. “We are a production company born of a need to find new terrain and help the environment we all enjoy.”

“For our film My Own Two Feet we explored the mountains of California on foot, getting to places that snowmobiles and helicopters can’t. With motorized access so limited in these mountains, and the negative impact machines can impose on the environment, we decided it was time for a change.”

The film features a diverse cast, from progressive freestylers, big mountain pioneers, and riders that are just out to have fun with friends. My Own Two Feet showcases the talents of: Jeremy Jones, Dave Downing, Josh Dirksen, Marrku Koski, Stacy Thomas, Erik Leines, Chad Oterstrom, Tom Burt, Ben Lynch, Forrest Shearer, Danny Garrity, Jimi Tomer, Shayne Pospasil, Nate Farrell and many more.

Dancing Horse Media Llc – Director: Darrel Thomas USA, 2008

Backcountry snow kiting – fun, extreme and it doesn’t hurt the environment.

It’s fun. It’s extreme. It doesn’t hurt the Environment. “RIDE IT OUT” is your ticket to miles and miles of deep untracked powder. Leave the fuel burners in the dust and see why saving the planet is anything but boring?

Snow kiting is freedom; wide-open terrain with no long lift lines. One inspired reviewer wrote, “the sport of snow kiting is one of the most “earth-friendly” activities that can be practiced. Because of the power of wind, the sport can be executed with a nearly invisible carbon footprint. RIDE IT OUT encourages you to “ride out” global warming by enjoying the speed, flight and fun that the awesome sport of snow kiting offers.”

Powderwhore Productions USA 2008

Powderwhore delivers: commit to the well-lived telemark and BC skiing life. (film short)

The Pact is born of early mornings, deep trail breaking, Frostbite, sunrises, worn meniscus, close calls, and countless face shots. In the end, it’s about commitment to untracked snow and those who have chosen to break that trail.

Committed? A reviewer at ” wrote: “ a beautifully shot, stoke-firing film that represents your best effort to date, one that delivers in every way while again surpassing expectations, and the tele world will continue to beat a path to your door. In a sentence, this describes exactly what the Powderwhores have done in The Pact, the theme of which centers on all the little deals we make with ourselves, and the truisms we follow in our commitment to a well-lived telemark and backcountry skiing life.”

Blacksmith Productions, Ellis Smith USA 2008

The 2007/08 season saw record snowfall across the rockies, see whose Wish List came true.

Focusing on all aspects of the ascent and decent, “The Wish List” is more than just another film with line after line, jump after jump scenes. Featuring clips from Crested Butte, British Columbia, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and scenes from all over Colorado, this film shows the joy, the sweat, the love, and dedication involved in chasing dreams and fulfilling “The Wish List”. Dolores Lachepelle once said, “Powder snow cannot merely be considered a metaphor for living, but rather, skiing powder shows us how to live.”

With the skiing and riding of Jack Hannan, Jon Johnston, Jeremy Wagner, Susan Mol and Kent Haydon, “The Wish List” takes you on an unforgettable journey into the world of backcountry adventure.


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